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We have the Vig Olympics, which means , while the rest of the world finished Black Friday & is gearing up for Cyber Monday, you’re probably celebrating sore & tired as shit Saturday.

Vig Olympics 12 was a success. We sure are glad you fellas all made it out.
We got a lot of good feedback from this year’s logo tag line “ A night you can’t remember on a day you won’t forget”, so with that in mind here is a recap of some of the highlights for our 12th Olympics.

The golf was freezing, we were all pumped to see Hanson surprise Fuller & Tums with his return from the Witness Protection program to join us after 3 years hiatus from the Olympics. The FNG came through with Fireball and Brad started his day of questionable decisions showing up in shorts. Crosby won the golf again, shocker. Thanks to the Rays again for the Towels & Davidoff Cigars for the stogies during golf.

Fuller got us full access to the football field. Tums showed up to Punt in the best outfit since Chris’s leather helmet & Mark’s original Azalea Bulldog half jersey. The group connected on a lot of Field Goals this year & had some good tie breakers. Church can throw it farther than uncle Rico, and Fuller is good for 2 field goals every year.

HR Derby continues to be one of the best events. Church & Ely served up some sweet BP and the guys combined for 27 bombs. Chis Bonneau took the first live pitch out of there, Brad needs to be tested for PEDs, Vigz won his 5th Derby title and my year was made by getting a 3rd place and clipping a tree branch.

In Hoops the FNG showed that all those years must have been with the Clippers not the Dodgers, becoming the first FNG to win an event just not the one we expected. How the hell did Fuller not win the 2nd round when he didn’t miss a shot? Crosby beat Church in a free-throw tie barker for 2nd. And Tums was in some kind of coma.

Thanks for everybody going all in for the theme, Tums showed he must have cable not Direct TV, but Chris was by far the best costume with his Teen Wolf, err Crazy Hairy Rob Lowe.

The first round of bowling was probably the best overall round ever. Miguel’s slow roll may be the funniest thing I’ve seen bowling since the Walter & the Dude were calling foot faults.

In Pool Tums won for the 8th time and Hanson showed how he won all those cigarettes in the joint playing pool.

Crosby was one throw behind Tums for the Darts title. Giving Tums a sweep of the indoor events and his biggest come from behind victory for his 9th overall title.
Church Piece’s consistency, finishing 7th or better in every event, got him a solid 2nd place.
And Can’t Get Right, with all his loud trash talking & constant chatter, snuck in with a 3rd place finish.
Vigz got a 3rd in Darts, and 2nd in Pool but it wasn’t enough to catch up from his slip in bowling.
Overall a great showing by all no matter what you finished.

View the final point totals!

Last thing, We need to get from EVERYBODY, their 3 picks for the “I came to Drink Award”

We have one more piece to wrap up this year’s event..

Below is the ballot for this year's "I came to Drink award". Please return it with your top 3 places to me by Friday! We want to get the trophy to whoever wins it by next week!

Here are the rules again.
It’s just like voting on a the Cy Young award. There is no set criteria. It’s what you put for your top 3. (And we need 3 votes from everybody!!)
Our voting is usually not like the NL Cy young was this year where someone just dominated like a Kershaw, a no brainer for the Cy young vote.
Our Olympics is usually more unclear like this year's AL Cy Young.
People voted, King Felix, David Price, John Lester , Chris Salle, and Corey Kluber walked out with it.
Everyone had their reason for or against all of them.

What matters more to you?
Who drank more?
Who did good at the events while putting them down?
Who seemed the least effected?
Who seemed the most wrecked?
Was it that someone drank more than were used to seeing?
It’s your choice, you can list your reasons or not, it’s up to you.
As long as we get a 1rst, 2nd & 3rd place vote from everyone.
We will total up the points (first gets 5, 2nd 3, 3rd 1) announce the winner & give them the coolest trophy in sports.

I will be in touch…stay tuned!